Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead


Okay, I am definitely not going to try to go into the horrible movie. If I did, I would have to take a long break just to stop myself from tearing up. This was supposed to be a great moment in my life… getting to see the Vampire Academy movie… but they friggin’ killed it. Anyways. This is the story about two girls named Lissa and Rose. Lissa is a Moroi, a mortal vampire who needs blood and is very sensitive to light. Her parents were killed in a car accident and leaving her the sole heir to the Dragomir lineage. Her best friend, Rose Hathaway, is a Dhampir, a half human, half human species that help protect the Moroi against the Strigoi, the soulless vampires who burn in the sun. There is a love … square in the first three books, which turns into a triangle later on. The series is a six book series. Rose protects Lissa from those who want to hurt her because of Lissa’s special ability: she can raise the dead and heal things really quickly. Oh and she can use compulsion like there is no tomorrow. While it has amazing strengths, it leaves Lissa emotionally unstable. Rose and Lissa are connected because Rose is shadow kissed, meaning that Lissa brought her back to life. Rose can basically feel what Lissa is feeling when Lissa is feeling bad. Because of Lissa’s ability, she takes Lissa and leaves for about two years. The academy, Saint Vladamir’s, finds them and takes them back where they are faced with a plethora of attackers and evil things wanting them torn apart. Then, there is Dimitri Belikov, a Russian guardian who guards Lissa at the Academy and helps give special training to Rose. A romance blooms. The series focuses on the discovery of Spirit and how it can help them in the fight against the Strigoi.

I started this series when I was about sixteen and have been really dedicated to the series. I have even met the author.


Yeah, this was back in 2010 when Blood Promise came out. I was super excited to meet her. This series also has a spinoff series called Bloodlines, which I will review in a separate post later on.

This would be a series I would nag you over and over to read. I love it. It’s probably not the best in terms of quality… or literature, but I think it has a lot that can be admired. This series pulls you in and for a while you feel like you aren’t in your own world. I definitely felt like I was in the story and experiencing these things first hand. I know most of this post is summary about the plot, but I think what really makes this series special is the way the vampires are presented. It takes old vampire lore and puts it in the modern world. The text is easy to follow and the language is probably geared towards teenagers, but hey, I was a teenager. I still read the books because I love the witty remarks Rose has and her friends are just… I’m gonna say it… the bee’s knees. Yep, I had to say it.

What I learned from this series was that … I am actually not quite sure. I felt drawn into the world of Moroi and Dhampirs and I couldn’t really tell you exactly why I love the series. I’ve read the series about five times and I just read the first book over again last month. I think what I really loved about it was the fact that the female character was very strong and there was a sense of mystery to the books. I would love to write a story where the female character was as badass as Rose.

Okay I said I wouldn’t talk about the movie, but here are a few points that I would love to stress… there might be some spoilers.

– There were no Strigoi in the first book except for Natalie at the end.
– Lissa didn’t know about Dimitri and Rose till the last book.
– There were no writings on the wall.
-That whole Oscar thing was a sham… although it was okay that they put that in there.
– We don’t even see Strigoi Sonya till the sixth book and even then she is living on her own. She so does not pair up with other Strigoi.
– Rose knew about Sonya way before they even left the Academy

So really, the whole movie was a sham.  Oh I totally met the guy who played Christian… and Lissa and Rose… but I only got a picture (sort of) with that Christian dude.


Thanks again for reading. I hope you guys keep up with my blog. =)


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