“Alienated” by Melissa Landers

Yesterday on my day off I finished a really good book. Although it had a lot of things that I felt weren’t that great, I still am interested in finishing this series. It’s called “Alienated” by Melissa Landers.

It’s about aliens that get into contact with Earth. They are called “L’eihrs.” They contact Earth with all meaning of friendliness. Meaning, they come in peace. They even, as a gesture of good faith, give the cure for cancer. So two years after the first contact, Cara Sweeting is chosen to participate in the exchange program with the L’eihrs. The exchange student is hiding something from everyone. Cara finds herself falling deeply in love with this alien, without the knowledge that he is stabbing her in the back.

First of all, I don’t really get into alien stories that much. I mean, I watch Doctor Who, but the whole alien thing sounds kind of boring for me. I mainly picked this book up because I knew that this really cool “Booktuber” read this book and liked it. So I decided to check it out.

I thought the writing was a little bit vague. We never really get a good feel for the life that these people are living. I mean too many details can get boring to read, but I’d like to be able to imagine the world in which they lived. I felt like the writing could have been more thorough. When I was reading Aelyx’s parts, I thought it all seemed like an itinerary. Cara’s perspective was no better, but at least I felt like I could connect with her.

I did like the conflict in this story. I thought the setting was imaginative. I mean, coming up with a world where aliens from outer space make contact is always fun to do. You kind of have to put your perspective on how you think people would react. It was like the days of the civil rights movement. Seriously, this part of the story was captivating. I got really mad at how people were treating these aliens.

The love story seemed too cliched, but it was compelling enough that I really could not wait for them to fall in love. I knew it was going to happen and I enjoyed the journey to get to that point. But the love story was really one of the pulling factors for me.

I could not fully believe how different the aliens were from humans. I think that the entire image of the aliens were kind of skimmed over. Again, I think there could have been a better use of description for this book.

Overall, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was compelling and fun to read, but lacked in some areas. I do have to say that the cover was really amazing. I can’t wait to read the next book, which is “Invaded.”

Again, I hope you liked my review. I will hopefully write more blog posts about my own writing and other areas of my life.