“Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell book review

If you loved Harry Potter and especially fond of that awesome musical based on it called “A Very Potter Musical,” you will love this book. When I first started reading it, I thought of it as Harry Potter fanfiction. Seriously, the characters seemed to mesh perfectly with the bestselling book series. Well, except for a few details. “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell is the perfect book for anyone who is having Harry Potter withdrawals.

It’s centered on this guy named Simon, who is the “Chosen One.” Seriously, how on the nose is that? Anyways, he grew up in a normal home, but is supposed to be this all magical wizard… who is the one to save the world from this thing called the “Humdrum.” Simon ends up going to this school called “Watford School for Magicks.” They are fighting this war, that doesn’t seem to end. The Humdrum keeps creating patches of magic draining holes. It’s seriously the worst thing for anyone with magic.

Now Simon has to live with this guy named Baz, who Simon is pretty sure is a vampire. The book even has a smart sidekick named Penelope. I was very hesitant while reading this, until I got to the plot twist.

Without spoiling it for the rest of the world, I have to say that I saw it coming and I didn’t. It’s like those Harry Potter fanfics. Obvious, but not obvious. You know how we all want Destiel to be canon, right? (If you aren’t into Supernatural, leave now and forever remember that you should have.) Well… it’s sort of like that. It’s not strikingly obvious at first, but once you get to it… it’s seriously the best. I remember when I read it I had to put it down because of a fire alarm. I was so anxious to get back to the book.

This book has it all. From the magical battles, romance and snarky remarks, you will not want to put this book down. It’s broken up into … four parts. And let me just say. It was very well written. I got the book the day it came out and was finished within the next 48 hours. I hope they make this into a movie. Also, the cover and illustrations were amazing.

If I had to give this a star rating, I would give it five. Definitely go check it out from the library, or better yet. Buy it. You will want this beauty on your bookshelf.

Also, I just realized that this is the story that Cath loves so much in Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl.” That is impressive. Just wow. If you haven’t read “Fangirl” yet, go and read it!!!!



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