Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Man! What a read! I know from most of these posts there has been a very informal speech to my reviews. I don’t do well in front of cameras so writing is the next best thing. I mainly just want to get my thoughts out there as fast as I can, so sometimes editing doesn’t take place within a certain amount of posts. So please expect this blog to be as informal as possible.


So the book I just finished is called “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. It follows this girl The named Louise who loses her job at a café and then goes on to a carer for a quadriplegic guy named Will. Will, as it turns out, wants to end his life, so he strikes up a deal with his parents to end his life in six months. The parents employ Louise to help motivate him to change his mind. Both characters come from two different sides of the economical spectrum. Louis is from a working class family. Her parents barely scraping by, counting on the money she makes, while her younger sister gets to study with her seven year old kid. While Will is very affluent and lived a very prosperous life before his accident.

There’s going to be a movie in June!!!

This book focuses on what it means to be living and the many sides of assisted suicide. I went into this book hoping for the best. And yet, I knew by the end I would be crying for a while. I definitely would recommend this to anyone in need of something sort of like “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. The characters were so alive for me and the fact that it was located in the UK makes me really happy I read it abroad. I don’t think I would have gotten all of the little English-isms. Like the fact that they would talk in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit or that bum was a bad word. Lol. I just checked and I could take a bus to see that castle.

This book definitely gives you the emotional upheaval you will want if you’re anything like me and crave stuff like this. It’s a good cry. I will definitely read it again later.

I would give this book a 5/5 star rating  because it got me hooked from the very beginning and I loved Louise. And I’m super excited for the movie and I kept picturing the actors playing them and damn! On point!

Seriously though. sam-claflin-05

** Spoilery section **

So I did have one or two qualms about the book. Well, two really.

  1. I didn’t like the fact that we were given a different perspective for one chapter. It just felt weird. I just wanted to be in Louise’s head the whole way through. I thought her thoughts came across better than the others. Especially her sister’s chapter. I mean, I was hoping to have some sympathy towards this spoiled kid, but no.
  2. I understood why he needed to be there, but Peter’s character was just so… ugh. I felt like there should have been something still there, at least a little, to maintain that they were in a relationship.


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