A Court of Thorns and Roses series review (first two books) by Sarah J. Maas

My love for books knows no bounds. What I love doing more than reading (okay, probably the same as) is writing about books. So you’ve read so many of my book reviews in the past few days. WordPress has said that my stats has increased in the past day and I’m thrilled. So with the process of writing comes the flow that will not stop. Seriously, once I start writing, sometimes it’s hard to stop. If I stop, I’ll lose motivation. So I will write another book review.


This book series is yet to be finished, but I really want to talk about it. It’s a really important book that everyone should read. Okay, not that important, but you should still read it. The book series is called “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas. It follows this girl named Faeyre (I’m seriously naming my first child that if it’s a girl) who is a huntress. She kills a faerie and must live out her life as a prisoner in the faerie lands. The faerie who takes her “prisoner” is named Tamlin and is high lord of the Spring Court. Faerie lands are divided into seasons and times. For instance, there is a Night Court (which we will see more of in the second book), Day Court, Summer Court and Autumn.

Faeyre lives in luxury in Tamlin’s court while her siblings and father starve. Although Tamlin takes care of them. With this concept of faeries comes MAGIC. Tamlin can turn into a beast. If you’re familiar with “Beauty and the Beast” I’m sure you know where the story is headed. There is a blight in faerie magic and Tamlin is trying to fix it.

The first two books in the series are amazing. I was invested in the story from page one and the second book was not a disappointment. You know how most second books in a series *cough cough* New Moon *cough* have that “second book slump?” Well this one has the “second book spunk!” Okay I stole that from Sasha but whatever. Halfway through ACOTAR, we meet this guy named Rhysand who is very mysterious. He makes a pact with Faeyre near the end of the first book and things get crazy from there.

If you’ve read the “Throne of Glass” series that Maas also wrote, you might see a pattern in the way relationships are formed. You think that the first one is the true love, but then stuff happens and BAM! You no longer ship them and feels are had.

I think what I liked best, as I’ve said in most of my other reviews on different books, is characterisation!  The dynamic between Faeyre and her siblings are written in such a way that you can’t help feeling angry at the siblings. And the father is such an idiot!!!

If you are into faeries and fairy tales, you might like this series. I’m excited to see what happens next and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.

I would give this a 5/5 stars for awesomeness! I was hesitant to start this book because I was unsure of the Beauty and the Beast element, but it was well worth it!



Here is my spoiler section, which probably won’t be as amazing as most of my other spoiler reviews, because DAMN! This series is just amazing!!!

Can we talk about how Tamlin ended up being a total douche? I mean, Faeyre has PTSD and you want to lock her up in your castle? So what if the castle is super nice? How is it any better than when she was locked up? I wanted to punch Tamlin so hard!!!!!! Faeyre needed support and free reign to heal. She obviously has untapped powers when she was turned into a faerie and you don’t think it’s necessary to teach her how to handle it???? That’s emotional abuse right there!!!!

OMG! And Rhysand?!! Let me love you so hard! (Seriously, that’s how I said it and if that doesn’t sound like proper English, sue me. XD ) I mean, I thought he was evil at first, but then he turned it all around. He hid a whole city from everyone! He is so loyal and caring that I wish he was real. Why aren’t these characters real???!!! And the whole mating thing with Faeyre??? That was so adorable how it was brought in there.

I did love the sex scenes, but each time it said the word “spearing” whenever Tamlin/Rhysand would enter her, I couldn’t help laughing. Again, this was not a novel suitable for anyone below the age of 16. I did prefer the sex scenes between Rhysand though. So dreamy.

And how could Tamlin betray them like that???? All that for love? He is a total dick and I am so for Faeyre kicking his royal behind.

Seriously, anyone else have some thoughts?? I can’t wait for the next book!!!



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