The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson book review

It’s SUMMER!!! maxresdefault

Summer for me never really looked like this. I swear, it was mainly fog and cold… and I’m not even kidding. Because of the drought and global warming, my home now looks like summer, but it was not like this originally.

Nevertheless, I love summer. The idea that you’re free to do whatever you want is appealing to me. Even if I had to work or whatever, I still felt the draw of summer. So what does this mean for me? SUMMER CONTEMPORARIES!!!

It’s that time of year where readers sit back and read fluffy romance nonsense. Not that there is anything bad about those books, but summer contemporaries are easier to get into in the summer. I know, right? 🙂

So this summer I kicked off my contemporary streak with “The Unexpected Everything” by Morgan Matson. A story about a girl named Andie whose summer plans go out the window when her father, a congressman, is caught up in a scandal. Forced to find something else, Andie must face the fact that she is staying home for the summer. Home with her distant father who hasn’t been there for her since her mother died. Andie finds herself with a job walking dogs and more time on her hands. For someone who always has a plan, this idea scares her.

Plus, there’s a cute guy to boot… so why not check this book out?!

I never had that social life of a teenager. I always did some after school thing and then went straight home. I never really had a group of friends to do things with. So reading these kinds of books make me a little envious. But I do have some form of that now, in my early 20’s. Yeah, I’m reaching 25, but that’ll be in a year. Hey, I only JUST turned 24.

An interesting thing about Andie is that she never gets into a relationship for more than three weeks. She spends a lot of time, like me, crushing on someone longer than the relationship lasts. This changes when she meets Clark, this nerdy cute guy who writes fantasy novels.

What I loved about this novel was how it characterised each person. You have Bri, who loves movies. Palmer who is into stage managing. Toby who is in love with the idea of love. And you have the boys, Wyatt, Tom, and Clark. Even Andie’s dad is well written. I felt invested with the characters’ lives and their backstory. As a writer, I like to think about how other authors use flashbacks and loaded items, such as female hygiene products in the book.

The fact that the mom passed away five years prior was woven beautifully throughout the tale. The summer is a time when Andie’s relationship with her dad gets better and by the end you’re rooting for them both.

In the beginning of the book we have the stiff version of Andie that is glossed over for the magazines. She’s always conscientious about her image and how that will effect her dad’s campaign or job. Everything feels censored for her and we can tell that she’s going to need a lot of work if she’s going to fall in love, like you can predict from the synopsis of the book. It wouldn’t be a summer contemporary without romance and change.

This book does have emoticons, which is interesting to read. My eyes just kind of glossed over them, only briefly looking at what they were saying. I personally never use emoticons as much as normal people. I go on BookTube a lot and found this interview with the author about emoticons for the book. Check it out:

There were other videos of her from BEA, but I liked this one. I’ve only read this book of hers. But I’d be interested in reading more of her other books like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Amy and Roger’s  Epic Road Trip.”

Normally I would put up a spoiler review afterwards, but there’s not much else that I’d like to comment on. Terrible, I know, but I think I covered most of how I felt about this book. I enjoyed this book so much and I definitely recommend it to everyone. I do like the fact that Clark was wearing a Doctor Who shirt and having it seen through Andie’s eyes was awesome, since she is not a nerd. She didn’t even know the first shirt he wore was from Star Wars!!! Reminds me of this:


I did a photoshoot with my friend the other day with the book… and a few others. They came out gorgeous!

So I hope you liked this review and don’t forget to subscribe! If you’ve read the book, feel free to comment your opinion below!



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