Body Image and feeling like a princess

hei 039

My God! Is that really me?

Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder, “would anyone ever not see a pale blob of a girl?” Seriously, sometimes my self esteem is so bad that I would turn down an opportunity to go out with friends. And I’m sure I’ve said it before in this blog that I do not like doing that. I never really notice how chubby my arms are. I mean, I have smaller hands and wrist size than most people I know. But when it comes to my upper arms… they are just not right. I took this photo, and many different photos similar to this one, to show myself that I can take a great photo.

I love following Instagram accounts that are dedicated to Young Adult books. Some of them are from “booktubers” from Youtube and others are just people who are literally book DRAGONS like me. (Seriously, can we be considered something cool and ferocious, rather than a small worm?) I am so in love with their photos of books and would love to imitate that sense of community within the book DRAGON world. I saw so many different pictures of books and photographs that are similar to the feel of the book, that I wanted to take a photo with a beautiful book.

This book that I am holding in this photo is called “The Heir” by Kiera Cass.It is the fourth book in the “Selection” series. It is a continuation of the setting, rather than a direct continuation of the plot. I am only on page 30 as of today, and am somehow kind of disappointed that it’s told from a princess’ point of view. In the past three books, we read from the perspective of a suitor named America, who did not have everything handed to her. It is strange reading a book where the character is so spoiled and just… ah!! I’m telling myself to read these books in order, meaning my to be read list, but I am at an impasse. I cannot seem to find the will to move on from America and to give this girl, her daughter, a chance.

I wanted to take a picture with this book because it has such a lovely cover. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but seriously, whoever said that, has yet to see this book cover. I chose the dress because it reflected a time when I thought that I was a princess. I mean, that dress was worn probably a few times too many and I would feel confident every time I wore it. I did my hair nice and my makeup, I have to say, was flawless. If only I could have done it professionally, but alas I only have a Canon Digital camera…you know, the small ones that fit in your pocket? The point and shoot ones? I seriously want a DSLR camera.

I am in no way okay with how I look, but I am getting there. I feel emotionally better, and honestly? No one really makes any bad comments on my looks, other than myself. I do rather like this photo, and I will show you guys more of the ones I really enjoyed.

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I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures. If anyone wants to do a read a long to this book, please feel free to contact me.