August Read-a-thon with Jillian!

Hey there fellow readers!

I’ve come up with a fun and exciting thing to do. I want to host a READ-A-THON!!! That means that we will be reading a book together. So here are the basic requirements. 1. Get the book. 2. I know there are some slow readers out there. But, this will encourage you to read more faster and to experience reading with others. So the second requirement is that you try your hardest. 3. Lastly, just have fun! Books are amazing!

This month we will be reading “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King. Yeah, his books are pretty long, but this one seems okay. The only two books I’ve read by this author were a breeze to read. So this one should be a page turner. I have already started reading it and let me say… I know it will be a page turner.

I’ve never done a virtual read a thon before. So lets say we aim for fifty pages per week. Since this is the first week it will be starting, read up till page 50. Then check back here for discussion. You may discuss the topic of the book and your thoughts as you go along in between each week. So all comments for the first fifty pages go on this blog post. Then so forth as we go through the book. If you would kindly comment here on if you will be participating, that will be great.

  • Jillian