“Home” the movie

Working at a movie theater has its perks. For example, free movies. I love watching movies. Especially animated movies. I recently saw “Home” (twice I might add) and I have nothing but great things to say about it. The movie centers on this alien race called “Buuv” (not sure how you spell it) who are great at running away. They are so smart and intelligent, but when they come to Earth, to hide from their enemy, they do things and say things that might seem… dumb. They eat different things than we do, like candy wrappers or bolts. And most of the things that we think are necessary, such as a bike, or even a toilet, they think are useless.

What really caught my attention was the fact that the main characters were both outsiders. Oh is one of the Buuv, but he doesn’t fit in. He is unique. He has passion for his race, that others simply do not have. The other aliens are so focused on making good use of their valuable time, and basically being all the same. I felt like I could connect with Oh in so many different levels. He is hated because he is passionate about getting to know and love the other Buuvs.

Tip, voiced by Rihanna, is a fireball of a character. She is the perfect example of a lost little kid. One thing that I have always wondered about is the fact that the children all have to have strong moral compasses. They embody what is good about humanity. And yet whenever I see a kid in real life, all I want to do is shut them up. I mean, they’re snotty and annoying. I don’t think most kids would be the same in Tip’s situation.

Anyways, Tip was left behind when the aliens relocated the humans, taking her away from her mother. Her journey to find her mother leads her to meeting Oh. She is fearful of him, but is forced to take him with her. She teaches him things that he thought wasn’t possible. His idea of humans is changed by their blooming friendship. He was told that the humans were backwards and needed teaching. But it was the other way around.

This movie was amazing and I would not mind seeing it again ten times more. Jim Parsons was a great choice to voice Oh. The way that the Buuv were convinced that the humans were backwards reminded me of the way our society is today. If you look closely, this could speak out to every civil rights case ever. That includes immigrants, homosexuals, African Americans, Women, Latinos, etc..

If you’re thinking you’re taking your kid to some dumb movie that they will only enjoy, you are wrong. This movie speaks to the adult in everyone of us. I mean the kid. Hahahahahah.