Shadowhunters: TV show review

I feel like this has to be said. As you guys know, one of my favorite series is the Mortal Instruments . Well, they’ve made the series into a TV series. Wait, wasn’t it a movie???


Yep, it was a poorly done movie, but that’s besides the point. There is quite some criticism about the new TV show and I want to discuss my own opinion on this TV show.

Shadowhunters is a new TV show that airs on the network “Freeform,” which was formally “ABC Family.” I don’t like the new name. No one knows that name and seriously, it’s a dumb name. Besides, that network is going downhill. Only real reason to watch it now is for the Harry Potter marathons. Yes, Pretty Little Liars is on there, but that show should have been cancelled seasons ago. I’m tired of watching some spoiled rich kids get tormented by some random chick when there are people who can’t afford that single shirt that they are wearing for that one shot going hungry every day. The people on that show are just not relatable.

Anyways, besides that touchy subject, Shadowhunters is just not what I thought it would be. I watch it on Netflix since I live in the UK and you can stream it there the day after it premiers in the US. I will touch on a few basic changes that I feel should not have been messed with. Also, this contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read the books, please feel free to stop reading.


Clary does not get a chance to talk to her mother!!!! Once she goes to the Pandamonium, she doesn’t see her mom alive till much later in the series!!!

Obviously, there are going to be changes, but I felt like this was only put in because of the need to explain to viewers what is even happening. But it really didn’t need to be there.

And wasn’t the witch… you know the one who lives next door… supposed to be old??? 

So far, this series has been a big disappointment to me.

Also, the Institute only had the Lightwood family living there and Hodge. And they were so anti-technology that Jace was always kind of marveling at modern technology. I liked that about him. 

These were some of the changes. There are a ton more, but lets not make me waste valuable time.

The thing that I really want to point out about the show is that THE DIALOGUE IS HORRIBLE! I mean at some times, the dialogue flows well, but then you just have weird pauses between each character. I think they want them to create dramatic effect, which is obviously not getting much of in this series so far. The dialogue is cringe worthy.

Lets talk about the actors! The only three people I really liked was Magnus, Simon, and Isabelle. Clary (played by Kat McNamara) is supposed to be older than the book version. However, Kat looks so much younger. She looks like a twelve year old dressing  up in older kids clothes. And to be honest, I don’t really like her voice… and her acting just sucks. I don’t believe she is this character. I’m not rooting for her to get with Jace and that is a problem.

Jace… man he is gorgeous. I remember I saw the actor, Dom Sherwood, in real life. He is stunning. I think he has potential, his lines aren’t that great though. I don’t get that intense wit from what he is saying. I don’t see a connection between him and Clary yet. I’m sure it’s just the scriptwriters’ fault for not giving him decent lines.

Alec…. well, I just don’t buy that he’s this strung up guy who is secretly in love with Jace. I just can’t get behind him and his character.

These are huge problems for me, as a fan of the books. I’m sure some people loved it, but I feel like as far as content goes, it’s just fluff. If this show does continue, I hope that it gets better in dialogue and maybe Kat could grow up some… I don’t know. I just have a huge problem with her as Clary. She was always kind of a background actress, but now she’s the main part.

I am just saddened that this was almost as bad as the movie. I had high hopes going in and they did not deliver. Some might say that I should wait it out, but the set up just makes me turn away from this show. I will watch it every week, but I won’t be as enthused with it. I just hope that maybe they can salvage this from the dumpster that it’s sitting in.

I just want to say this again because this is a major point for my dislike. They didn’t have technology in the shadowhunter world!!!!